Pilots Teaching Pilots (PTP) is a global network of Aviation English professionals providing live one-to-one training in Aviation English through real-time lessons over the internet. Our purpose is to improve English communications in the industry which we are all so passionate about.

PTP is the first and only organization built solely around providing live Aviation English instruction through a virtual classroom. We train Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Cabin Crew, Ground Crew, and all other aviation related students and professionals to become familiar and comfortable using practical Air Traffic Control, Ground Control, and Pilot-to-Pilot communications.

Real human interaction has the major advantage of giving personalized advice and encouragement to the learner. Our unique organization is set up to bring the huge benefit of live classroom style interaction with instructors right to you.

Our core curriculum and instruction comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Level 4 requirements. In addition, we offer field-specific programs that fit the needs of all types of learners, as well as the option to focus on topics of your choice in the aviation field.

Ideal for:

1. People who need training from a native English-speaking professional.

2.Those who prefer an online environment to a physical classroom.

3. Individuals whose schedules preclude normal lesson times.


1. Live language lessons, without the need to travel off-site.

2.Each session is recorded and uploaded on the site for playback and review.

3. Eliminates geographic and scheduling constraints.

4. Private lessons that are customizable to meet the student goals.

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