All PTP Instructors are qualified language teachers, most of whom are active pilots, as well as other qualified Aviation English Professionals part of the team. Every instructor is a native English speaker, or ICAO Level 6 proficient (expert level). PTP instructors are facilitators who are trained to effectively communicate how language works, to organize and deliver interesting and engaging lessons, and to accurately assess proficiency.

Based on our professional awareness of how people learn foreign languages, we design classroom-style activities that encourage and allow the learners to interact with the language in student-centered, interactive approaches designed to increase learners’ communicative competence in the language.

Language teaching is a professional activity that requires specialized training, and is distinguished from other teaching activities because of the unique nature of language learning: a complex blend of skill, knowledge, and cultural awareness, combining physical components with mental and communicative processes. We are appropriately prepared professionals who can direct the task of cross-cultural issues and are committed to continued professional development, respect for the student, and an ability to engage and motivate students.


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