Following ICAO Level 4 requirements, main instruction is based around the communicative skills required for the proficiency test:

                                          -Pronunciation            -Structure
                                          -Vocabulary                 -Fluency
                                          -Comprehension        -Interaction

PTP curriculum involves practical communication activities and role plays from Pilot-to-Controller and Pilot-to-Pilot. In addition to award winning textbooks, live ATC communication, exchanges provided by commercial airlines, industry associations, public transcripts, and original materials written to specification by experts to are used to illustrate key points.  Precise grammar, pronunciation, and structure are reinforced throughout exercises. View the syllabus and a sample of our main Aviation English textbook with a digital introduction to the course.

PTP instruction thoroughly covers all of the skills necessary to make you well prepared for the ICAO test. Practice tests are conducted periodically throughout training.

Cabin Crew and Ground Crew English lessons are also offered, with focus on fluency and interaction with customers, other cabin crew members, and the cockpit. We also have the flexibility to tailor lessons to aviation topics of your choice, e.g. describing weather, lost conditions, technical vocabulary, structure and grammar, or any other area of communication.

All lessons are recorded from start to finish and uploaded on the PTP site for playback. This assists in the learning process by allowing the student to review all lessons, and to do self-study with an emphasis on areas recommended for improvement pointed out by the instructor.

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