Each student has a purpose and goal, and PTP instructors are well-qualified to work with each one individually to ensure their goals are met. The student base consists of a variety of learners in the following categories:

Student, Professional, and Commercial Pilots

All are working toward their professional goals in the aviation industry, most of which require lessons focused on preparing for the ICAO Level 4 proficiency test.

Air Traffic Controllers

ATC professionals of non-native English origin who want to work on their language skills with live lessons outside of the tower.

Private and Sport Pilots

Already ICAO Level 4 proficient, but live communication with ATC and GC are done on an irregular basis. Staying fresh and comfortable using English in an aviation context is their aim.

Cabin Crew

Being able to communicate smoothly with passengers and pilots is essential. These students are looking for role plays in practical situations, with focus on fluency and comprehension. 

Ground Crew

Direct customer contact and communications with other airport staff are a major part of their job. Clear and effective transfer of information verbally is required to work efficiently.

Aviation Enthusiasts

With a passionate interest in aviation, they want to experience the excitement of being able to communicate in English one-to-one with aviation professionals.

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